Matt Kaplinsky_Central Texas Living_36x36_mixed media on canvas_773x768Matt Kaplinsky_ Mid Day Mid State_48x48_acrylic on canvas_791x768Matt Kaplinsky_ Pros and Cons of Gentrification 30x40 acrylic on canvas_549x768Matt Kaplinsky_ Roses Are Red and Gardens Are Blue_36x36_mixed media on canvas_762x768Matt Kaplinsky_Clearance with Small Excision_48x48_Acrylic on canvas_793x768Matt Kaplinsky_Cuban History and Reflection_30x40_acrylic on canvas_576x768Matt Kaplinsky_Decorative Activities and Excitement_30x40_acrylic on canvas_568x768Matt Kaplinsky_Evening Fence and Intoxicated Walk_48x48_acrylic on canvas_794x768Matt Kaplinsky_Happy Pup_30x40_mixed media on canvas_569x768Matt Kaplinsky_Hillside Forestation_48x48_acrylic on canvas_789x768Matt Kaplinsky_Home Accesories with House Plant_30x40_acrylic on canvas_542x768Matt Kaplinsky_Just After and Before Replacement_48x48_acrylic on canvas_746x768Matt Kaplinsky_Rail Car_36x36_acrylic on canvas_764x768Matt Kaplinsky_Romantic Evening in an Outdoor Cafe_30x40_mixed media on canvas_571x768Matt Kaplinsky_Sky Over the High Mesa_36x36_acrylic on canvas_765x768Matt Kaplinsky_Sunset Land and Property Properly_48x60_acrylic on canvas_604x768Matt Kaplinsky_The Good Feeling of Being a Sidewalk_36x48_acylic on canvas_994x768Matt Kaplinsky_The Narrative of Where You Are Going_36x36_acrylic on canvas_775x768Matt Kaplinsky_When Life Gives You Lemons, or Cancer_48x72_mixed media on canvas_1024x663Matt Kaplinsky_White Wash Interior_36x36_acrylic on canvas_773x768